Faith on Campus

5 May

Faith on Campus is a site specifically designed for students of faith. In his piece “When’s the Last Time You Were Alone,” author Guy Chmieleski gives insight on the importance of spending time apart from the world.  College is a stressful time where we students surround ourselves with friends every chance we get.  By setting time aside to cultivate our relationship with God, we can become better friends, sons, daughters, sisters or brothers.  Taking time to center ourselves is especially important during finals week, so take Chmieleski’s advice and pencil in some time alone.

The University of Texas at Dallas is home to what is believed to be the first ever Muslim fraternity in America Alpha Lambda Mu, also known as Alif Laam Meem, is a social fraternity, made of men who share brotherhood in both greek life and faith. Ali Mahmoud, the organization’s president and founder explains ALM “provides a comfortable space for young Muslim American men to be themselves.” ALM follows the example of other faith based fraternities like Alpha Epsilon Pi in the path of making a safe space for religious students. In short, “giving young Muslim men a safe space in a fraternity where they can naturally develop who they are … without the fear of being judged or attacked is something that I’ve seen as an urgent need for college-aged Muslims all around the country.” 

This year, three secular campuses across the United States opened faith based housing for religious students. Troy University, Texas A&M University and the Florida Institute of Technology have modeled their new Newman Housing centers after that of the original Newman Hall at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  Newman Clubs, modeled after Catholic convert and intellectual John Henry Newman, are present on religious and secular colleges across the US. This Catholic centered religious housing program is aimed at Catholic students, though the program is open to students of all faiths.




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